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My name is Phoenix

I am a Motivational Speaker with a passion for great relationships. I believe you should have one too. I spent several decades in a miserable marriage. I realized that no matter what I did, my partner was not interested in having fun, passion, and excitement in our relationship. I could not do it alone. Additionally there were other insurmountable problems that crept into our dream of wedded bliss. After I ended my relationship, I vowed to myself to help others avoid the mistakes that can kill your love and passion with your partner.

This site will be an ongoing blog with the best ideas on satisfying, happy, respectful relationships. I will combine the things I have learned over the years about what to do– and of course what not to do. (Sadly, we sometimes learn more from mistakes.)

I have also studied the dynamics of happy relationships for several decades and will share the best ideas gleaned from that.

Lastly, I have experienced the joy and fun of being in a satisfying, playful, committed, relationship with a man several decades youngerРfor over four years. I have learned so much about how to enjoy life and keep a young attitude.

“Age is more about your attitude, health and perspective than how many years you have spent on the planet.”–Phoenix Alexander

Join me as we explore the fun for you. Let’s Enhance Your Romance and celebrate life.

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