Start Getting the Most Out of Your Relationship

 With These Fun Ideas

“Show Me You Love Me” Date Ideas for Ladies  $6.95  (PayPal button coming soon)

Coupons to Enhance Your Relationship with the Woman You Love.

Over 60 coupons to give you ideas for a weekly date for over a year!

Men Do you ever wonder what a woman wants? This is it!

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What these coupons can do for you:

  •   Help her feel closer to you
  •   Increase intimacy with the woman you love
  •   Put more fun and playfulness in your relationship
  •   Show her you’re sensitive to her needs
  •   Rekindle the flame between you!


Coupons ideas range from the blissfully romantic, to the sensual and exciting.

Examples of coupons found in this book:

Light My Fire!…

Buy about 20 tea lights (tiny round candles in a metal container. You can find them at a craft stores, outlet stores, bath shops etc.) Whatever candles you buy must be in a container.  Send your lady away or get home before she does. Put the tea lights in a trail leading to the bedroom. Just before she comes home, light the candles and wait for her to follow the lights and find you waiting to show her what a great lover you are. Ignite her passion.

Try Something a Little Daring…

A Night to Remember: Make arrangements for a totally private evening at home. Ask your lady to dress up for an elegant dinner. Now make or bring home a nice multi-course meal. For example: appetizer, soup or salad, main dish, sparkling cider or wine, and dessert. Here’s the daring part. With each course you eat, remove one article of clothing.


“Show Me You Love Me” Date Ideas For Men $6.95

Coupons to Enhance Your Relationship with the Man You Love

Over 50 Coupons to keep your man intrigued and wondering what exciting thing you’ll do together next!

In this daring (but tasteful) coupon book you will find great ways to enhance your romance with your man.

Examples of Date Idea Coupons found in this book:

Tickle My Tastebuds…

Blindfold me and feed me a variety of delectable treats. Let me smell them first, then taste them. See if I can guess what each one is. Vary the texture. Get me in touch with the pleasure of the feel and taste of every morsel. I ‘ll probably lick your fingers and then…


Hit The Target!...

Take me to play laser tag, a paintball field, or air soft gun field. If you really want to go hardcore take me to a gun range and let’s target practice. After all that adrenaline we can go home and hit the other target.


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