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As a Public Speaker I have a variety of topics I address. Building great relationships is one of my favorites.

The Following Are Excerpts Taken From My Speech Enhance Your Romance

Every relationship in your life has a purpose. You can learn and  grow as much from the failures as from the successes. You learn about yourself, and what you must have to be happy, and what you’re willing to compromise. You learn how to overcome the things that tripped you up in the last romance–or you repeat them. Ouch!

You team up with partners that have the elements in their personality to help you complete some fundamental growth that you have not yet completed. Learn what you were meant to learn with each relationship so you can enjoy the process whatever the outcome. Be the best you can be and let the other person have their chance to learn and grow in the relationship with you.

Keep your best behavior for the ones you love, especially your lover. It’s a tragedy that most people reserve their worst behavior for their most important relationships. Whatever you did to fall in love, will need to be repeated to keep those feelings alive. You need to do fresh new things for interest and variety to keep the spice in the relationship.

You never know how you will impact another person’s life. Live well, so that it’s a positive impact.


After all the adversity in my life, I’m finally experiencing my reward. I’m having my mid-life celebration full of love and excitement. I decided to just skip the mid-life crisis!

I’ll share with you how to avoid making the fatal relationship mistakes that could cost you the love of your life. 


Bring Fun Back To Your Relationship
Bring Fun Back To Your Relationship


I have some hot, fun, ideas to keep the passion alive, that are tried and tested. But you’ll have to hear my speech to discover what they are.

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